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News & Updates
  July, 2014 Announcement: New Steering Committee Members
Dr. Ir. Nancy Nevejan (Ghent University, Belgium)
Prof. Atsushi Takeda (University of Shizuoka, Japan)
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  July, 2014 Update: Notes from the 5th International Oyster Symposium
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  July, 2014 Each chapter's webpage is available. Please place your mouse over an upper chapter logo on this top page.
  April, 2014 Announcement: The replacement of the Director of the North and South American Chapter.>> Click here
  April, 2014 IOS6 Website is now open>> Click here
  March, 2014 The 6th International Oyster Symposium (IOS6) will be held in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, in 2015.
Past President's
  March, 2011 Infection with the new variant of oyster herpesvirus (OsHV-1 Var) specific for Crassostrea gigas: Its global expansion from France >>Click here
  February, 2010 International Environmental Conservation Activity Based on "Warnings from the Earth" Given through Edible Oysters (Proposal) >>Click here
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